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Anastasia Kast


This site is a compilation of commercially designed work and self promotional work which I have accumulated over the past three years. The commercially designed work was created during my internship with MADWInc, the art department of Precision Media, between January and May of 2005. A majority of the experience I had working with MADWInc involved creating TV spots in Adobe Premiere Pro, 3D Studio Max along with some billboard design and a few print projects utilizing Adobe Photoshop.

I have been in four Gallery Exhibitions between 2004 and 2005, one of which was a solo show, "Caducus", which was hosted in Vienna Espresso Bar and Bakery in Lafayette IN. I have also been featured in three articles.

My primary interest has remained within the realm of children's book illustration. Often inspired by the innocence and nonchalant character of children, I find myself continually pushing my work into more simplistic, entertaining realms.

Please contact me for more information about myself or my work. I am venturing into the world of freelance illustration and would be more than happy to discuss freelancing projects with anyone who expresses interest.